Lebron James Hairline is the Headline

ggeeezzz.. Bosh you better shaved your head forever, 
you don't have great hairline like mine..

I forgot my headband... I'll hide my hairline with my fingers..

ohh yeah... what's so funny? do I look like a taliban?

Ok fine, I do like though...

I'm not covering anything, this is my fashion statement can you all see

wait I can see they're laughing at my haircut ..

What did the Mavs says about my hairline?

oppsss.. another hair loss 

we lost the Finals because I'm just having a bad hair day..

LeBron James' Headband Timeline

Dwight Howard Lebron James Hairline Jokes on Dwight Howard Lebron James Hairline Jokes 


  1. Congrats lebron to your first ring

  2. LeBron's hair line looks like Dwayne wade's beard



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