Thunders are Rolling in the West but Nobody Cares

hey people please give us some attention here, 
we are #1 in the West...  anyone cares? where's the media?

hey man give me some care here... give me some love..

Damn you media... you're all into Linsanity coverage...
you snub my 50 career high points... 

hey that wild cat is mine... that's my food..
....(HELP!!! somebody please care to help me...)

yah Durant! I told you my hands are bigger than yours

Nobody loves us... we had the amazing stats but the'y don't give damn attention

 Oh yeah 50-50 for both us!!! lets just enjoy this even media doesn't care 

HELP!!!!! I need to score more than Durant... I want to be famous too

WTF!! how come Durant got more scores? I already hogging the ball

(no people... Durant is Good.. no its westbrook is the guy for Thunder...)
are they trying to make a riff from both of us?

oh yeah this is How you do the Dougie!... please people look at me.. 
I can dance like John Wall too

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