Ron Artest Funny Photos

  Twinkle.. twinkle... little star... (ohh shitt... I forgot the next line)

I made the rhymes in my shirt... you have a problem?

What? who's foul?? this one is dead...  are you blind..

Artest : come here you retard.. I'll give you real disciplinary action
Fisher : arhhhhh... please don't hurt me Mr.Artest..
Odum : Mr.Artest.. its my fault don't hurt my friend..

No one can STOP .. I'm all BOOST UP!!

Tyson : So you want to come with me in my practice ring 
          and get a little warm up...
Artest : Sorry to dissapoint you... I need to go home 
           and take care my sick dog

I don't get what's the banners says.. 
all I know the Dog looks nicer than him

Buy Ron Artest "How to discipline your Dog" Home Video...
after few weeks your dog will behave incredibly

Hey Kobe... we're running out of water here.. 
can you pump more water there

Because they need a Real Man in the court

Brokeback Scene in the NBA.. they just can't resist each other

Rondo put your an eye on this ... this is what will happen to you 
if you don't know who's your nigga

Hey waiter.. can I order more BEER here.. I don't feel I'm drunk

Hi Guys, I'm Ron Artest... I wan't to share my story 
before I became a real good man

Kobe : hey boy.. you look so BAAADDD.. I like you..

one more shot on me and you are a dead camera man...

Bring this message to your family... the sun won't shine on them tomorrow

Artest : so you want one more round?
Kobe : ohhh please no more.... 

Artest : lets go ladies.. I'll take you all home and 
lets have a bubbles party

Men this food makes me hallucinate.. I feel like I'm in a press conference

I'll show the difference of a Ball and your face...

Coach.. I've just tested our jersey quality..
we got rip off.. its a bad insane shit

Referee : OK guys.. enough of it.. don't fight over me...
            both of you can have me at the same time

If both of you still don't understand what I said, 
   I'll punch you very hard.. get it?

Call me James Bond Is Dead

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