Derick Rose Lessons Learned Notes

D.Rose Lessons learnt after Eastern Finals... 

1. Not because I'm a MVP I can go all the way to Finals 

2. I'm not MJ to win any game in Chicago's Arena

3. I can't shoot over Lebron even I'm a MVP

4. I can't shoot if Lebron is inches away from me

5. Even I have a coach that has Coach of the Year, it can guarantee me a win

6. Being a rookie MVP is not excuse to do the same mistakes, I can't learn from my mistakes.. 
repeating the same mistake over and over

7. I have teammates on the floor that knows to shoot too

8. Lebron is too much for me.. wish Boston won over Heat

9. I'll raise my salary because I'm a MVP now and since Boozer is such a looser

10. If I can't be the next MJ then I'll be the next Lebron

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