Carmelo Anthony Funny Photos

The GodFather.. Don Carme'los Antonio'

I'm begging you please.... let me get out from this Miserable Team...
take me to anywhere even NDL

you're asking about my dream? I want to be a beautiful fairy ... black fairy..

what's that look huh?... wanna to see my big GUN inside this towel?

ohh shiiittt.. I got stacked with you like a dog 

no I'm not a ball hugger.. I just love balls

those guys always bullied me.. so I'll stay here and no 
one could ever beat me ...

yes my beloved americans.. give all your fortune to me and I'll promise you
safety from alien invaders....

come on Melo... I need a laugh from my joke.. can you 
show them that you're getting my punch line?

Paul: ohh.. not another Melo Drama...
I'd seen this so many times.. and the answer is NO...
 I don't want to come to Knicks with you..

What??? are you kidding me..? I'm better than Lebron..
see those teams want me.. its better than his drama..

'Melo Drama 2' -  the most dramatic sequel
 ... whyyyyy.. whyyy nobody's care about my hair..

hold me tight bro.. just give me a lift for this dunk..

yes.. this move you already seen with MJ

how's my hands can't get near to yours? its repelling 

I got my money from our lost... that's I call business

I've found a ball with a kid stuck on it..

I feel I'm gonna sneeze... haaa....haaachhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

please anyone give help to my bro here.. he needs medication

Kobe : hey Melo.. I'm not aiming  for that ball.. just want to hold 
you that's all...
Melo : Ohh no you don't... ewwwww

Melo : ohh shiiiitttt... please  Kobe,hands off your 
hand to my ass ...I feel goosebumps.. 
Kobe : No I'm not ... its not me promise...

so you don't want to come to Lakers with me?
you gonna miss our fun there... we have a lot of big boys..

I got an Idea.. I'll go to Knicks and get the big insane offer!

lebron: ohhh so you can dribble too? but that's not
enough to face my awesomeness

Red and Blue.. the money colours.. who among them
will get more from their sucker teams

Melo: hey bro.. you've seen my dunk there?
Lebron : No I didn't see anything.. I was busy
counting my stats

Lebron : ohhhh... someone gonna lose his balls with his bad dribbling...

Lebron: hey buddy.. I didn't  know you have a nice ass...
  that's what Kobe told me... 

I'm gonna eat your pussy... I'm mean your kitty..
I mean your cat.. ohh whatever

hey bro .. help me to hide  from my wife there.. 

ohhh  whaaccckkk!!! I got booger from someone

this my pet Panda.. I love making love with him..
I mean playing with him with love.. you know what I mean

I'm feeling something BIG  is trying to come out
from my nose...

hey Leeebbrroooon... why don't you show
your crying baby dou looks again after you lost...

Melo: a lot of  good teams trying to take me but I don't get it why I choosed
this horrible team.. I just laugh about it..

this is my Hitman here... stay nice if I were you

yiiihhhhhh.... I'm cool.. yes I am... cool.. mommy said it so.. 

hey budy... Lebron told me he can win 3 rings in Miami
without you... just keep that secret between us

Lebron : Wade told me that you said to him that I don't need bitch like him
Melo : No I didn't say that...
Wade : yes you did...

ohhh shiitttt.. Kobe is trying to hug us.. lets get out here!

the moon is falling.. save your selves

that's the guy who killed Barney... 
I saw him he raped the homo dinosaur before he murdered him 

where's the taxi? we need to go back to USA


  1. Funny post. Carmelo Anthony is so fun to watch with the rest of the Knicks.
    He makes the MSG bloom. :O}

  2. why did I waste 6 minutes reading that...

  3. lol, that was a waste of time.

  4. Lmfao!!!!!!!!!! Love himmmmm



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