Best NBA Players With No Tattoos (so far)

Most of the best Players in the NBA has their tattoo on their skin. Mostly, they put it in their Biceps then arms and everywhere where people will see it. One reason they love to have it is, probably they want to show how Bad Ass they are, its like don't mess out of me or else I'll put your face in my body as my tattoo. Another reason maybe, they want to expose their  awesomeness in camera or they want to show on public the names and faces of their special someones.

Last 2011 NBA Finals, Jason Terry of Mavs  made a tattoo of a trophy  in his biceps. This is to show how serious he is to win the title. Imagine if Mavs will win with 10Finals.. his body will filled with trophies. It shows how Tattoos became a symbol for most players to express their thoughts and attitude.

But for some players, they don't like to engrave something in their skin or put something that looks like dirty. One reason maybe because of their religious beliefs and for some other they doesn't find it cool at all.

Here are the Best Players in the NBA who doesn't want to put any tattoo on their skin (so far) ...

Active Players with No Tattoos

Dwight Howard

- if he will have one, it's most probably a superman with the 'S' or a donkey kong..

Dwayne Wade

- if he will have one, its probably The Flash logo or Lebron James hairline

Steve Nash

- no doubt if he got one.. its must be Dirk or "Canada To Germany with Love"

Dirk Nowitzki

- if ever he will get one, it will be "Nash & Dirk Forever" or "Taste my Dirk"

Vince Carter

- if he will put one, he'll put an image of a 7ft dude dunked with a facial

Blake Griffin

- if he has one, its must be Andre Jordan face,.. or maybe The Hulk

Chris Paul

- what could be else he'll put on.. its CP3 or a bumble bee

Grant Hill

- if he has one, its must be his face with a halo...

Ray Allen

- if he has one, it will be the 3 of them with KG and Pierce hugging like sistah

John Wall

- if he has one, it will be Great Wall of China..

Rudy Gay

- it will be nice if he'll put a tattoo something like "I am Gay ... Rudy" or "Totally Gay"

Yao Ming

- if he has one, it would be the names of all his relatives in China

Jeremy Lin

- if lin will have a tattoo, it will be all the verses in the Bible

Manu Ginobili

Joe Johnson

Paul Gasol

Mark Gasol

Tyreke Evans

Russel Westbrook

Erick Gordon

Stephen Curry

Danny Granger

Davide Lee

Retired Players with No Tattoos

Michael Jordan

Magic Johnson

Karl Malone

Larry Bird


  1. Rudy Gay does have a tattoo...When he dunks you would see it

  2. John Wall has one now. Steph Curry has a small one on his wrist.

  3. Steph Curry and his pussy ass tattoo

    1. Stop cursing, weak vocab person. If you don't, the Lord may give you lockjaw. Think about it.

    2. You are kidding right?

  4. if yao had one it should be bitch please



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