Angry Beards in NBA

The Angry Beards are now flying in NBA, who do you think has the Bad Ass Beard (BAB) ?
Catch those beards while they're still growing or else the Barbers will go hunting them to shave it.

Daddy? that you..? 

What's the Beard all about? 

I think it give more Bad Ass looks if you have one, its like a tattoo that will frightened your foe. It's also emphasize that they're an old man that should get some respect, the longer it goes the older you looks. One thing good about the Beard is you can hide something inside it, like you can keep your money, guns, drugs or even your  driver's wheel. 

Here are the Players that are really Angry with their Beard:

Baron Davis 

James Harden

Drew Gooden

Lebron James

Vince Carter

Deshawn Stevenson

Deron William

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Greg Oden

 Rip Hamilton

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