Sam Cassel Alien Collections

prrrruuuuu... where's my mommy.. prrrrruuuuuu!!!

ohh shit I thought your're an alien.. you sacred hell out of me..

Admiral Akbar long lost brother

Almost look alike , only Akbar has bigger head

ET came to earth to find his lost brother

Spielberg could spent less if he hire a cheaper Alien alternative

Why they have to hide if its obvious

He must be a cross-breead of a man and a dwarf ogre

when Cassel was young he lost a tooth.. one day a tooth-fairy took it and eat it..
the rest is a history

the dog is cute... enuf said

their common is they're crazy about the ring

Gollum will be scared if he face off to his long lost brother

no wonder the movie didn't sell

the cone head

Now you know why the Draconian is angry to death about humans

cool I am , sucks you are

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