NBA LockOut 2012 Game (NBA Live 2K12)

The most awaited game every year but this time it will be different. 2K Sports brings you the first ever NBA 2K12 LockOut. No thrills, No excitement, No rivalry, No hard balls, No big deals, No bugs, No glitch issues because there's no players and games to play . 

See the cinematic view of what's happening with the negotiation and the drama in the interviews. Join and witness how the players fight for their job. 

Enjoy the included  mini-games for the players what's their working on during the LockOut... play as Lebron working as a Cashier  Assistant in a pet store, play Kobe as a nanny, play Nowetzki as german sales agent and much more to play...

The real NBA 2K12 ... more awesome playable characters.. the online synch matches is still obviously not yer working 

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