Lebron James Funny Photos

Please let me score this for the win... 
I want a ring... I'm begging you..huhuhu 

Ohhh.. we're still on game I thought we're on conference already

Lebron : Wait dude.. I know this stuff... don't move...
Howard: that's not right.. let me do it

Kobe: King James????? that's sounds familiar..
are you related to Henry the King?

Almost done.. just a little more..

eii.. Wazup Doc?

Its Lebron James.... not Lechoke.....

try to indulge my pee you bastard...

Sniper: Sir I have took down Lebron... its over

Kobe can't resist this pose

OK retards say GoodBye Lebron!

I want my ring.... someone please give me one

Doc: you want me to touch it further down?
Lebron : no Doc... I have headache not the stomach..

Doc: ohhh.. you got big thing here.. can you feel it?

Stop.. Lebron Time.. 

You can't touch this.... 

The Lebrons.. also known as The Stupids

Lebron : hey bro.. I'll pass you the secret message,..
me and Bosh will go to Miami next season

No you're not my real mama.. I don't even have a mama..



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