Shaquille O' Neal Funny Photos

Shaq spongebob square pant..

Think this is your head with the ball... yes its soft

oohhhh.. I got 2-2 free throw.. ohh shitty amazing!!

harr harr.. all your pants belongs to me

Kobe : no don't drop me yet.. I'm still  having fun

See my bitch.. don't play nasty on me

He doesn't anything about kung fu but he surely can crash you

Bush : heyyy... its you Kobe.. you look huge in person..

Don't make me angry.. or else I'll turn to blushy green ogre

Green Lantern...

Ohhrr ohhrrr Masteer.. I got the ball.. what do you wan't me to do now?

Your wish is my command... or else die

Kobe : ohh shit.. someone gave Shaq the wrong Gatorade

I don't get it..? why you suddenly knocked down 
and I'm just standing here

Face off .. the shaq and the mamba

No one can stop the Shaq.. specially my tongue is out...

No one can do that do to me in NBA... I supposed to do that

So kids... study hard or else be like these guys besides me..
Police: Yes right...

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