Kobe Bryant Gay Moments

Almost done.. just a little more..

where you going boy... here's my number meet me after the game

Kobe : I hate them Derrick, they say its all my fault.. I'm sucks.. 
hug me tightly Derr.. I need someone to cuddle me

Simplicity is the beauty... the Black Mamba

Kobe : Ohh yeah I got the ball.. that's a block for me

Kobe : Boooorrringgg.... is there any cute guys here?

I'm the queen...!

Its Raining Men.. AliLeuahhh!!!
Everybody come on dance with me.. I'm beautifuuuuuuullllllllll!!

Hey girls.. I think its hotter if you do this..
what you think?

Just stay standing there.. while I'm scratching my crouch

Ohhh you want that... why don't you have some more later

Oh yeah... you're good Rudy Gay... just stay like that 

I don't mind what's other will say... just keep it going

Hey are you ready tonight? I'm all fire up

Squeezing things is my hobby

wwwwohhh.. come on get me bad boys...

myyy... myyy... what do we have here...?

uuuohhh nohh.. he escaped.. Phil Jack will smack my ass again

so how old are you and where's your mom?

This is the Queeeennnnn!!!

ohh my tits are wet


  1. These are the worst kobe disses ive ever seen hes the best basketball player in the nba and noone can prove he isnt he will b better then mivhael jordan when he retires. Noone in the nba has done the thing kobe has done every game.

    1. shut up bitch its a joke. your the type of guys that would suck him off in real life, prolly cause you do it suck much in your dreams

    2. great one ... suck KOBE_ALL_DAY

  2. way to suck my cock NBA_ALL_DAY :)



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