Derrick Rose Funny Photos

Don't look at me.. even you're a guy I'll rape you ... ferociously****

Take off this shirt.. meet me again in the locker room

Ok post this in Facebook and like it if you want me as your MVP

No, don't go over the rim.. 
just pretend you'll be getting the ball so I can shoot

Rose is your homie... 

I'm here... pass it to me.. we will lose anyway...

Ohh yes.. you're right.. I have no rings like you brother

Why you didn't give me the ball.. I suppose to shoot it .. 
I'm your MVP.. its all my game

Everytime we lose its all about me.. I hate you all..
Am I the one who's shooting the last shot and got blocked by Lebron?

Ok I'll explain you things you need to learn that I learn from Mr.Rodman

Stalker : Ohh yes.. I have to capture this moment.. just inches away from Mr.Rose butt..
ohh yes.. I'm gonna tell this to all my friends.. maybe I'll take this moment for my self alone later

lets do the Mickey Mouse dance

what pass the ball? wait I still can shoot this...

This is my gangsta.. tell your homie they'll all be dead soon

Oh yess... I love farting this way

where you going boy... here's my number meet me after the game

Kobe : I hate them Derrick, they say its all my fault.. I'm sucks.. 
hug me tightly Derr.. I need someone to cuddle me

Lebron : Let it go dude.. its not because you have failed .. 
its because you're sucks and I'm the real MVP

I'm listening the Audio Tutorial entitled "How To Steal The MVP"

Yes I'm the MVP? 

Next time I'll be getting the MVP just wait people..

Noah: Stop crying Derrick.. I feel I'm gonna cry too

No I'm not sucks because we lost.. next question please

This shoe will help you steal the MVP.. buy it and be like me

Perkins : So I'll knock down Rose over there let him suffer painfully,
just be quite when we're doing this move
Rose : Hey I'm over here ...

Derrick Rose turns into your USB Stick.. sock (suck) him all you want


  1. Wow i think you are the only one that hates derrick rose.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.



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