Kevin Durant Funny Photos

Ok baby, mom is gonna leave now.. 
don't forget your chocolate drinks and 
don't play nasty thugs to your Homie.. be nice..

I have to go home early , sorry guys.. mom is calling me now

where's my dime? its somewhere here 

The All Star Hero.. Marvel just copied the idea

All the guys he terminated are listed there.. 

ohh shit.. they still found me with my disguise

count down 5,4,3,2,1.... Care bears staaaaaarrreee!!!!!

Yo mom.. I'll be late for dinner...

I have to prove my shoe has magic.. see how this goes fly 

Hi I'm Kevin Durant.. if you need life insurance  just call me

Today for our menu I will teach you how to cook a Steak  Panda ...
but first I'll bang this endanger creature..

ohh yeah.. see this Oden?

The scariest movie ever.. specially the weird looking guy

Wear this and sure people will think you're a fan of K.Durant 

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