Dwight Howard Funny Photos

Ok guys, I'm done.. who's next .. catch him before he run

Howard : No I'm telling you I'm the real Superman.. not a joke..
Russel : No son.. you don't have to take off your coat

I'm Clark Kent.. I'm disguising like howard.. but I'm Clark Kent

The puppet holding Dwight 

Generation X... suck it!!!

I want to tell you all... that I'm... I'm the real Superman!

Howard :  ohhh.. I just farted... wait here's another one.. poorttttt!!!.. 
hahaha.. here comes another one...

This Audio Tutorial will teach to be a "Good Comedian"

Can't tell who's the real Rhiana

Dennis Rodman will not gonna like this...

No one's believe I'm Superman.. they say I'm just imagining so many things

A black Superman with Magic jersey 12

Hello guys... I'm little red riding hood!!

who's this weird looking guy... 

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