Blake Griffin Funny Photos

Hi boy.. are you lost? maybe I can take you to your way...

ohhh...that's a good one.. aerial move

huh? who's Blake Griffin..? do I know you you guys ? where am I? 

Another game of a day is over...
 atleast I have no jersey to wash up 
and I can use this attire over and over

The ball is hiding another balls

Hello I'm Baby Griffin.. I killed your baby 

ohhh.. you are a nasty photographer.. 
why are you shooting my behind?

Griffin cartoon avatar... looks like Richie Rich

grrrr.. I'm craving for grilled polar bear..

C-l-i-p-p-e-r-s... so that's how they spelled Clippers..

duhhhh.. I know it... I know I can dunk..! see mama how I dunk..

duhhh... I slammed again.. see mama .. I'm fine now

just call the number below if you wan't to get one of my bitches

Why Gomes.. tell me why.. You hurts me so much.. 
is there anything I can do.. please?

yahh... I'm still a virgin... to girls, and for guys .. ? 
sorry, can you rephrase your question?

Damn it.. I wanna go home.. I know we're gonna lose anyway

we are partners.. I mean like mate.. I mean like team mate...
ohh whatever...

This technology I have already patented 
and Apple can't steal this one from me

Yo amigo!.. I'm John Cena.. and this my homie over here..

This would had been if he failed that KIA dunk 

I'm the light bulbs man.. saving the day is my business

Referee : no you ass hole!! 
            stop your words to my FRIENDS or else I'll throw you out
Odum : who's stupid now huh?

One season he's having this attire

ouucchhh... bad timing I hit my head in this damn board

Griffin: I'm light bulbs man.. you all terrorist is over
Geek : ohh.. mr. Griffin they are in the other block..

ohhh that's smell... you forgot to wash your hands, didn't you?

shut up and take this punishment!

see that bitch over there.. that's our principal

smell my balls... 

ah Coach... where does baby's came from?
 my dad didn't tell me anything?

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