Gilbert Arenas Funny Photos

10 of them will die with my gun.. 
send this message to your boys

Hey guys, can I come down now?
Game is over right? can someone help me up here?

you should learn to shoot the ball like this ... 
yes  its 100% efficient and you will look awesomely cool

wait...? which of these balls that I need to shoot?

I'm lost.. this doesn't look like Las Vegas?

Hey guys.. stop passing the ball too much, just give it to me 
and I'll shoot it

I'm your Black President, to those who will vote for me
will get one of this shoes... only one piece...

hooollyyy shiittt... who turned off the light???

I love bubbles.. specially this one that coming from my nose

Hey Coach.. I didn't know you're good with Tango...
we can do this forever

Ohhh yeah.. pump it baby.. and shake it

who said I don't know any new tricks...
I can do head spin.. see

Hey big boy.. one to take me out after this game

they said they'd seen a gun with me... but which one they're talking about?

I feel boring with this game.. I wan't to sleep here for a while

What??? I don't have a gun in here... its in my locker..

Yes I'm your DJ Zero.. tonight we will talk about LOVE!!..
and GUNS also

I'm an agent that's why I have a gun with me..

I have a drugs in  here.. you want to buy?

wow I feel they like me here.. they're helping me picking up my things..
 but I'm not sure where they're dropping it

I have a real story to tell you ...
I'm a drag queen during off season joke.. 

yes Sir... Agent Zero is here..
I'm ready for the mission...

This is my buddy.. I turned him into a puppet..
so behave  like what I said...

Ohhh... are you kidding me... 
you want me to move to Orlando?

what man.. what's wrong? please don't hate me
 because I'm TOO AWESOME!

Yes I captured the loch ness monster in my bath tub

someone shot me above... a Hitman.. I knew it, they want my head

Ohhh please.. don't throw your garbage here...
it will give me a hard time picking them up

Hey guys... if you don't shut up I'll pose naked here

come on man...that's bullshit.. I'm not the one who kissed you

I'm fortune teller Zero... I sense you're gonna die today...
yes with my gun right now if you don't believe...

Ok guys I'll draw a target sign here.. who will get it
will get a bullet to his head 

...ohh...ohh.. Kobe... please don't do that... kobeee....!!! (nightmare)

why coach??? why you benched me today?

Its the job of SuperMan.. (shit I forgot my costume)

what??? you don't find my tattoo scary?? 
you wanna die horribly ?

The Force of jedi is within me.. I can feel it

I lost the screw of my robotic knees.. where it could be?

come coach.. don't get shy.. just one dance on  the front
of the crowd is what I'm asking you..

ok guys.. show your gayest pose...

Who farted in my face... who is it? 
if know one don't want to tell, I'll kill everyone in the crowd

Yes sir, its done.. the guy can't play no more...

kill you all .. .bang.. bang.. don't laugh at me or else I'll bring my real gun

Agent Zero at your service.. I'm the first agent in NBA

So tell me what did you see in the face of the crime?

are you blind.. can you see this 6 fingers?

ok guys nice passing me the ball.. just keep on passing it to me
and don't ever dare to shoot it

Lebron is a joke.. he can't even punch me for real...

Hey kids.. take this drugs and hide it from your mom..
give me the greens later outside the arena..

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