NBA Historical Logos

Atlanta Hawks

 #A total of 10 logos since the birth of their team, not bad though.
It would be better if they changed it to Angry Bird logo, 
I think its more appealing.

Boston Celtics
#the 2nd and 3rd logo is really great I wish they kept it till the present.
It looks pewee or jughead with the pipe .

Charlotte Bobcats
# not bad, my suggestion is hope they can use 
the Thundercatz logo next time.

Chicago Bulls
# the only team never had a planned to change their logo
eversince they started. If the artist of this logo has
 a royalty rights, he must be rich by now.

Detroit Pistons
# the first two is awesome, too bad they changed it.
Mr.Tin Man will be great feature and imagine it looks
like antagony of Boston Celtis Mr.Jughead... its a war!!
I like the 7th and 8th logo it reminds me of 
Grant Hill awesomeness in his prime.

Denver Nuggets
# the first two logo are inspired from the old video games.
The first one is SuperMario with the pike and 
the 2nd is Tertris or Brickgame.

Dallas Mavericks
# Since they won the championship they should changed
their logo to German's Cowboy or maybe Hitler :) 

Cleveland Cavaliers
# the first one is look like  "Puss in a boots" but anyway 
the present logo is awesome... they just nailed the idea.

Golden State Warriors
# The first 2 logos are similar with Atlanta Hawks first logo,
I'm thinking if they are related? The last logo is weird, why they 
used a bridge for warriors? They should keep the Warrior
Dude with the lightning...

Houston Rockets
# The first and fourth logo are similar with just some enhancement.
I like the fourt because its animated, unlike the present 
one that looks like they used a Horror Font. 
The second one is looks like
the Jetsons or maybe Mr.Flinstone with the jet pack.

Los Angeles Clippers
# the first three are too complicated... it looks like in an abstract
exam, like what will be the next image? 

Los Angeles Lakers 
# it would be better if they'd just used in the present logo
with the Kobe photo because its understood that its the Lakers

Oklahoma Thunder
# I like their logo since I was a kid, that one with
the tower, before I thought it was a long legged man.
Anyway the present logo is modernized and its
aligned with the present era.

Minnesota Timberwolves
# I remember KG wearing these shirts but now he moved
to Boston I supposed to say he should be their logo in
the present. 

Milwaukee Bucks
# Is that Rudolph the red nosed reindeer in their first logo?
The gay lame deer became a mighty big Bucks that looks
like Bambi's father.

Miami Heat
#I wish they didn't change their logo so Bulls
has a rival with regards of the oldest logo.
Anyway Miami 'Heat' is always mixed up with a Hate....

Memphis Grizzlies
# From ferocious Grizzle Bear to Cyborg Bear...
welcome to the new ear.

New Jersey Nets
# I don't get whats the meaning of Nets on their logo...
It is just because it rhymes Mets and Jets so they picked up
the word Nets.. how about Shits?

New Orleans Hornets
# I suggest BumbleBee from Transformers will be great
logo for them

New York Knicks
# The first logo looks like The Count Dracula with the blue
cape. Its almost look like Batman if they just put a mask
on the guy. The last four are completely almost the same,
maybe they can't decide yet what its to be. 

Phoenix Suns
# no comment with this one, because its obvious 
the logo will be look like a Sun. I'm wondering if they
have used the idea of a Phoenix bird standing on a ball

Portland Blazers
# Their logo is a winning entry with the idea of
red and white blending with the acronym of P & B.
It looks a Microsoft Product to me, ohh I forgot
its owned by a Microsoft Millionaire. 

Philadelphia 76ers 
# They really love the number 76.. enough said

Orlando Magic
# the first two has make sense but the third one
you can't find the 'Magic' thing ... ohhh its over there
the big word 'MAGIC'

Sacramento Kings 
# I like their logo, it looks majestic and aristocrat specially
the present one. It looks like a knight, is it the Cavaliers is
their most Rival team?

San Antonio Spurs 
# I have no other comment with this since they don't 
change their logo except for the background.

Toronto Raptors 
# Can they also use Barney to their Logo?

Utah Jazz
# Jazz logo is similar with Denver... ohh someone just
copied the idea from others

Washing Wizards

# Their first name 'Bullets' doesn't reflects the logo...
They should use the name 'Hands' instead. Maybe they
want a word with the double 'L' in the middle so they 
can use the two hands logo. 
I like the wizard dude that forms 'W' its brilliant.

So for me the best Logo is Chicago Bulls because
they're satisfied with their logo and no improvement needs.
Second to that is Washington Wizards because its brilliant 
idea to have a Wizard... though its looks like Disney icon. 
Rockets , Thunders and Cavaliers has special nominations too.

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