Tim Duncan Funny Photos

Duncan: Hey Parker you lost, my turn to pick your nose.. 
Parker : ohhh please don't do too harsh
Ginobili : you two are too gay

too boring...

I'm the great Basketball Buddha , come and workship me

ohh yes, he's falling into my trap.. those food are mine..

didn't I tell you the second time we meet 
I'll give you my Tiger Claw!

Why coach.. why you bench.. I can't stop crying here.. huhuhu

that Amare guy just blocked me.. it hurtens my ego.. can't stop to cry

See I told you I can do that foot step dance

Come on man...  don't kiss me here.. 
those stupid camera men are watching

now its two of us here.. we can anything we want...
ohhh this another guy here but we can ask him to join...

ohhh shit we been caught.. damn.. we almost had it

I just slept and those guys took all my hair

I'm good... please don't hit me

who farted my face.. I'll gonna kill that bastard

ohhhhhh duhhh!!! that frenzy fart again..

hey man.. are you sure we won't get kill here?

hey Kobe... you can let go my hand now... 
stop squeezing it, you making me feel shit

what did you say? kiss you to cheek you?

ohh I got that.. that's another Lebron joke, right?

where's my gun... where you hid my gun?

Martin : Hey man I just want to see that ball.. I think that's mine

ohhh ok.. you're all gay , I'm out'a here Bitch!!

Don't make me Angry..!!! the Ogre inside me want to unleash

hey Parker.. I saw you what you're touching behind my back...
you naughty big boy

Popovich: No I said shave your beard not your hair!!!!
Duncan : I thought you said shave my hair

hollyyyy shiittttt,.... It's that my face on the floor!!!
look its me on the floor .. amazing!!

what?? Ginobili are you serious? you have a crush on me?

I'm the king of the Frozen Throne...


I hate this jersey.. I said I don't want this jersey...!!!

Taste my dunk and my Balls yo!!

this is what I called choke karate!!!

ohhh yo mama is .. yo mama is a... is a ... mrs. Carter... got it?

what? I need to pay again to use you whistle?

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