Michael Jordan Funny Photos

its not nice to be too good .. 
you don't know how will you compliment others..

Jackson : hiieee.. just keep on going.. I just gonna watch how your
balls moving... yiheeeiii...

The old time joke...

MJ : this what you should do.. go to the 3pt line then shoot it..
then steal the ball when they in-bound.. then do a reverse
slam dunk.. got it?

Jackson : Shiiitttt.. you think I'm like you

HOPE is synonyms of JORDAN...

The old days of SlamJam...

No ...there's only one Michael Jordan... no one can be MJ

I hate this NBA Live.. the MJ  can't do the real thing..

I love my self in this reflection... 

you can block me... but you can not ruin my bubble-gum

hey Kobe... why don't do this pose again.. against me

Michael who?? there's no guy with that name here.. 

MJ in his 70yrs

totally  invisible to anyone.. 

MJ can be SuperMan but Superman can't be MJ

I'm selling this poster for 1Gazillion dollars..
I'm sure there's an idiot fan out there who will buy it..

Life is what it it...


Heyy.... why all you guys here? you wan't to see my
dunk in close view? 

only MJ can stop another MJ

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