NBA Players as their Comic SuperHeroes

 Dwight Howard caught all the crowds attention by his Superman gimmick. Those people forgotten  it was not a DUNK!!.. its a  slam lay-up... though he still  got the trophy. Wondering if those people didn't buy his gimmick  he could have lost from that competition and that epic fail will be the most shameful Dunk in the NBA history. Anyway here are the photos from your NBA Stars- superheroes wannabe.

Flying so high for the super slam lay-up

the black Superman in NBA.... but look at his underwear? is it a thong?

Obama is the first president as so Howard is the first Black superman

ohh shit...! I won't gonna make it.. this won't be a dunk

what else I'm going to do? how about I jump high to the roof and bring down the Scoring box 

I got you all tricked !.. guess what .. I'm not the real Superman

MJ maybe has superman blood from being a super extra ordinary

here comes Shaq with the big 'S'

J.Wall always has his Superman suite with him..

The Green Goliath fella from Clippers

grwaaahhhh!!!.. get down from my back.. you all are too heavy!!!

The dynamic duo from Miami..
Robin : Hey Batman someone stole my rubber ducky?
Batman : noohh.. I don't have it here in my underwear .. I swear

Behind The Flash mask is another 'The Flash' from Miami

The Flash ... as dwyane wade

a never seen Spiderman the movie cover

see him web swinging around  in your neighborhood

both of them can stick in any wall with the similar pose

I know there's a bit weird with Spiderman dark sides

I'm the Master Jedi .. I have the Force.. but I don't have any ring

Incredible Hulk Movie could have been a Big Hit if they remade it this way

how many times I told you that I'm not Mr. Dwight Howard..
I'm Shaq.. I don't do clown performance

Stupid.. I'm not Robocop .... 

Some real Marvel Comics super heroes

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