Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul in Lakers

Kobe : Yes the rumor is true, we will kick Pau and will take another Paul...
Chris : oh wait... and who's that Paul?

CP3 : Hey how much I can get if I join in Lakers? 
Kobe : hmmm.. let me guess.. its like 1/4 of mine.. 
         lets say Odom and Gasol salaries combined, how about that?

CP3 : Please take me to Lakers.. I'm dying here
Kobe : yeah but in one condition, kiss me like your's first kiss

Kobe : don't take away Chris from us.. he's ours now...
If anyone of you persist... I'll rape him

Kobe : Hey boy... are you lost?
CP3 : wahhhh!!!! a pedo ...

...so this is the plan... James will go to Heat with Wade..
and following year after the lockout .. Paul will go to Lakers with Kobe.. 
how about that commissioner? will get great publicity...

Kobe : Yakkkksss!!!!! there's a Raatttttt in my short!!!
CP3 : Holy shit!!!... it's smell stinks in here.. I'm fainting..

CP3 : Kobe... I see your thong  from here

 Kobe : this ball is belong to Lakers and so you are

CP3 : Please Kobe take me to Lakers... I damn hate here so much..

CP3 : they said.. most guys in Lakers are gays.. ?
Kobe : No we're not!!... why don't you join us in our shower room

Kobe : oohhwwww...!!! that's a nice ass.. grrrrr!!
CP3 : this one of the reason I don't want Kobe defend me...

CP3 : Stop licking my ears!!! you fagggg....

Kobe : ohhh yeah!!! harder.. come on Pau..  harder..
CP3 : I'm not Pau...

Kobe : Ok sistah.. this is our  Club handshake... don't forget this..
Cp3 : do I need to learn this once I'm in the Lakers?

Where are you going Pal? ... you're not allowed to come over to Lakers

Pau : Chris! please don't come to Lakers.. I'm begging you

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