Mavs New Faces (Lamar Odom and Vince Carter)

7 years ago....

Kidd: you know pal, I have a feeling we'll see each other again in some other team after this miserable team..
VC : I got that vision too... somewhere in other team we'll get our  ring... somewhere.....

still I can feel my future is not here ... I can feel its somewhere the ....

....A Year ago....

Barea: you're so rude... someday you'll wear with this the same jersey and you'll take your words
Odom: what? I'll never ever wear that silly jersey... never in my dream

Lamar : Mavs are all old hogs,... you can't beat our young legs
Dirk : really? you're team will die after philjack and you alone will beg to come to us

JJ : Come on Tyson I have a better plan.. lets get out from here and move to younger team...
lets leave those old folks after getting the ring
Tyson : oh yeah ... I'll wave a goodbye to these cowboys

... Present time after the lockout...

Ok Odom... say I love Mavs...!

who said I'll be retiring in Dallas?

I'm not old and senile like what they think... 
how come my name spelled in German?

Hey you weird looking guy like at the front.. can someone kick him out!

ohhhh.. Marions thinks he's funny.. please someone stop him

nooohhhh... that weird looking guy again.. please someone locked him in cage

OK great.. fantastic.. The New Mavs team


Nowtizki still hasn't got over his trophy...

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