Dallas Mavericks Visited the Whitehouse with Pres.Obama

As the tradition goes, the last season finals will  have the chance to visit the whitehouse (isn't supposed to be blackhouse now?) for the president pictorial. The Mavs seeing in the whitehouse for the first time to take a moment with the Mr.President.

Obama: I thought you will give me Chicago Bulls jersey #23?
Cuban: sorry, you're joking, aren't you?

Obama : Oh yeah Nowitzki, I really love how you played the Finals.
you know finishing the Sonics then Utah twice.. I love that game so much.. 
Dirk : ohhh... Mr.President its not us...

Obama : isn't this can be reversed the other side? I want to see your alternate Red colour 
Dirk : ahhh.. we don't have red jersey.. its only blue or white 

Obama : Oh yeah.. now I can dunk from the freethrow line like Dirk...
Cuban: ......... really?

Cuban : haha... Tyson, Caron and JJ are not here.. they missed the biggest moment of their life

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