Random Photos from NBA 2012 Season

hey something make's me wonder..Are we Twins?

yah now beat that reach!

Pierce : No I'll shoot this.. 
Ganger : Oh please.. I'm shooting this.. I got this

push it lower.. wow I never thought your good at this

I want to pee.. hey Howard, stop making clown  and finish the game now!

Come on Pal.. that's not the Tango  I thought you ... 

ohh the Guy near me.. I like him.. wanna hear who's my latest crush?

ewwww awful smell.. where did you use that hand

Man I cried with that Bosh bluff foul.. its an oscar

Rio this How to Dougie... you can never be as good as   like me

Who poos on the floor?

darn big mistake...? I should brought my PSP if I only know that I will be benched

its pitchblack.. wahhh... I can't see anything..~~ ohh I covering my eyes

Haywood: Damn.. I didn't know you can do that.. seating in mid-air?

ohhh... this is not like what you're in thinking... I grabbing the ball I swear

Ref: get out you can't play inside
Coach : come on ref.. I want to play with John Wall... I can dance like him too

My legs trapped.. I felt something ewwww 

Coach : I want you stay with the Kings.. cuz I like you... you know what I mean...
Cousens : huh? did you touch my ass?

please let me get my first basket this season... its not fair...

can you speak something english.. I don't get you

I hate this kind of brokeback mountain defense

Rose you stole the fame out from me... you can never do that again here in Clippers

the facial look will add to my MVP points

hey KG  are you also trying to block me? are you really me teammate?

I will not shoot the ball.. I'll put this into my wide open mouth in whole piece

ohhh that's good... I feelin it

that bastard trying to steal our show... I don't like to hear Big-4 in the future
, we must sabotage him soon

they say there's a Big 3 in Miami.. no more its now Big 3.5..
I gonna sell my jersey #30 then I'll be rich... ohh yeah!!!

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