Funny Moments January-February 2012

Noah : Sorry guys I need to take a toilet.. this one gonna blow

Williams : I'll shoot this..
Griffin : No.. I'll dunk this one, get out of the way

Ganger: Hey Hitbert, what are you doing there? 
Hitbert : carry one, were on a intimate moment right now

my hand stacked with the ball... did you put glues with this?

I love looking at Bird's bird... I have a lot of this photo in my bathtub

I command you ball... go fly and go in the basket...

what?  I didn't make it to the All Stars? 
that's impossible.. I did thousand fake accounts to boost my votes

did you put Kobe's underwear in your mouth?

I can fly fabulous like a butterfly.. waaaahhlll!!!

ok mission done.. I shot Vince Carter at the back..

Rubio: Hey Mr.Kidd ... can you sign in my ass after this game?
Kidd : ...Maricon Chico

WTF!!! you scared me to death

 Sonic Arm Beam !!!

that's not how to dance the dougie... you have to put your arm like this

get out of the way... need to change my shorts.. 
I pooed in my shorts.. wahhhh!!!

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