Jeremy Lin Jokes From Twitters

The Fake ESPN @TheFakeESPN  
"If Lin had just opened his eyes, maybe he wouldn't have turned the ball over 9 times." -ESPN Source: @Jake_Schaffer

The Fake ESPN @TheFakeESPN 
Most things "Made in Taiwan" fall apart after you play with them 7 times. @TheFakeESPN #shortyawards #fakeaccount Knicks Lose

The Fake ESPN @TheFakeESPN  
If the Knicks lose, the rules say we all go back to hating Asians again. - A @TheFakeESPN #shortyawards #fakeaccount reminder

pourmecoffee @pourmecoffee
It's Michael Jordan's birthday. He was a popular professional basketball player in the Pre-Jeremy Lin era.

vexnews @vexnews 
Jeremy Lin applies to trademark "Linsanity" 

LowKeyUHTN @LowKeyUHTN  
Lil Wayne: "Ever Since Jeremy Lin Beat My Lakers, I Hate Him. So I Call Him 'Lin Laden." @IamaGM  
Quote of the Day: Steve Nash says he's the Canadian Jeremy Lin 

Michael McCann @mccannsportslaw  
The legal fight over who owns "Linsanity" takes the next step with Lin filing application with US Trademark Office

Happy Gilmore @_Happy_Gilmore  
Breaking: @ESPN apologizes for racist headline about Jeremy Lin. Say they will find the idiot black guy that didn't catch it & fire him

jim Paschke @Paschketball  
Jeremy Lin's 45 T.O. in first 7 starts most since T.O. became a stat in '77. Previous high belonged to Glenn Robinson with 38.\

Lakers Nation @LakersNation  
The Lakers bench is outscoring their starters, Jeremy Lin lost, and the Bobcats won tonight. The world is ending.

The Bill Walton Trip @NotBillWalton  
With the Knicks loss, Kim Kardashian is more attracted to Jeremy Lin. Since she dated Ray-J & Kris Humphries, it's obvious she likes losers.

SportsPickle @sportspickle  
Poll: Is it time for Jeremy Lin to retire? A) Yes; B) No.

The Bill Walton Trip @NotBillWalton  
At least Jeremy Lin's massive turnover count will decrease when Carmelo returns. Lin won't see the ball again once it gets in Melo's hands. @InsideHoops  Reply  
Breaking: Every problem across New York City now solved thanks to Jeremy Lin. #NYC now quiet, clean, etc.

The Bill Walton Trip @NotBillWalton  
Jeremy Lin probably wrote this article at Harvard. Increase your brain power at any age! Actually works too: - spon

Men's Humor @MensHumor  
If I was Jeremy Lin, I'd change my jersey number to 64. Then we could all call him LINtendo 64! @Jlin7

Coach D'Antoni @Coach_D_Antoni  Kyle Weidie @Truth_About_It  
Totally weird how China is technically sending JR Smith 2 the #Knicks 2 ruin Jeremy Lin's swag that they are trying 2 steal 4 themselves.
Floyd Mayweather thinks Jeremy Lin is overrated, which is funny because Jeremy Lin has managed to be undefeated without ducking anybody.

The Bill Walton Trip @NotBillWalton 
Jeremy Lin & Kim Kardashian are set to meet. Lin played against some awful defenses lately but this will be his easiest scoring opportunity.

Dave Pell @davepell  
Apple's new OS X Mountain Lion will integrate Jeremy Lin across all your devices.

Neal Brennan @nealbrennan  
If somebody told me Jeremy Lin was one of the Jabbawockeez, I would believe it.

The Bill Walton Trip @NotBillWalton  
Walton Fact of the Night: Jeremy Lin's NBA salary is $788,872 this season. This is lower than every starter on the Kentucky Wildcats roster.

The Bill Walton Trip @NotBillWalton  
Last 7 games: Jeremy Lin 150 pts, 70 asts, $68,000. Carmelo Anthony 0 pts, 0 asts, $1.6 million. Vanessa Bryant 0 pts, 0 asts, $2.5 million.

The Bill Walton Trip @NotBillWalton  
Chris Bosh must be extremely happy with the emergence of Jeremy Lin. With all eyes on Lin, no one has noticed Bosh's laughably soft game. 

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