The Lin Sensation

After the 3 winning streak of Knicks, one unknown guy stands out and got his fame. No Melo nor Amare but who needs them if you have a hard working, full of energy and passionate guy to play. Jeremy Lin took over the Big-2 place and carrying the game to the winning hole. The fever is on going, now the question is, until when will Lin will play this kind of amazing game? He got all the supports from all his asian fans, from his hardvard mates, chinese/taiwanese friends and also from the first New York Knicks and all time American-Asian player "Wat Misaka', who were advising and praising him with his effort and great games.

Wat Misaka the first American Asian NBA Player
- he looks like on of those Japanese Sentai in his younger years

They have many games ahead before the playoffs, if he continues this kind of energy then he'll be marking the same level what Yao did. "The year of the Lin" is ahead on the making.

A lot of people suggesting what name they can give him...

The Ball-Lin
Lin Soup

Go Yao!! I mean ???.. whoever you are .. asian guy wearing knicks uniform..

My chance to show that who needs Amare and Melo if you have the Asian guy Lin...

 ohhh.. this is my first photo in my entire career on Knicks.. 
finally I can put something  in my facebook

Lin fever and his fans

Whoever say yellow ass to me .. will taste my kung-fu

I don't see anything.. open your eyes...

Yo!!! I'm a rapper too.. if I can't make it to NBA, I'll join Emenim

WTF!!! who's this guy.. did anyone see him sub in? 

I can sing too.. if my great games don't go last.. I'll continue my artist dream..
I'll join American Idol audition next season

"The way of the Bruce Lin"

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