Chris Bosh Funny Face Collections

once I'm finish with this cookie, I'll eat you next...

OMG!!!! is that's your new headband Lebron? 
its so fabulous...

hide your children... Godzilla is back!!

I want that dinosaur tattoo, the one that's chubby and pinkish color
(you mean Barney?)
no the one that's sing 'I love you.. something... '

Cookies!!!! I love Cookies!!!

I lost my false teeth... I think I left it in your drinking glass

yes Coach.. I'll obey as your command.. I'll play dead to get a foul

I'm not soft... I'm just too beautiful like a butterfly..

Bostrichulous Raptorous

Bostrich Farm.. 
when they fed Bosh food leftovers in the Ostrich Farm... 
the next day something weird happened..

Boshtrich Family Photo

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