Funny Animated GIF in 2012 Playoffs to Finals

in the side-court, Chris Duhon doing the Travelling dance....

GREAT REFLEX... instead of slamming to the guy he managed to 
fell to the chick instead

Another smart move by Mcgee... he thrown out the ball so the
Lakers can't shoot anymore

Coach Spo is a big Manny Pacquiao fan... 

this is how Coach Spo analyzing every game.. 
(X10*1) + 1%4= 1.2% ~1 = Lebron Chokes... give it to Chalmers instead

Lebron James decided to listen to Doc Rivers instead with his coach

Rondo can't stand Lebron's Block impact

Garnett trying to taunt Bosh in a Dino Fight

another those alley oops that Celtics fans will hate

one big reason they LOST... Westbrook and Durant can never be coexisted together

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