Heat vs Lakers - Battle of the SuperHeroes

Justice League of America

(also known as-  j.LA)


  He's also known as the Black Mamba or Black Ass Mamba.. (whatever). Doesn't have any special power like Assist but at any given time, he can shoot criminals even in a peek of clutch time. He believes his Movies are the best movie ever compare to The Avengers, this is one of the reason he deserves to call more Super Heroes to help him and to get his 6th Ring.


  The black version of Superman -the man of steel. He won the contest without using a dunk but because of his ridiculous costume, the judges vote for him thinking it was a clown show. Before coming to The Lakers, he was undecided where to go, if he's going to Planet Krypton or stay in Hawaii for surfing. But after Batman convinced him he will give him a new Superman Movie, he finally decided to go The Lakers and then so Batman can use his insane human power to get more rebound and then a pass for a score.

Green Lantern 

  Because of his softness he became the GreenLantern. He always keep away from Enemy's attack that's where his Lantern power become usable to keep him away from harm. He also use his lantern to call Batman where to receive the ball to get Batman his shoot.

The Flash

Can run faster even in 3OT's with 100% accuracy in the field. He won the 2 MVP's but never got his dream of winning a War. Now with the help of Batman and other super friends... he is close to his glory. He assigned to feed up some assist to Batman, with Batman on the ground he's not allowed to take with shots unless Batman say so.


  He doesn't appear at most time because he only can be seen in water but if he does... he will exterminate his opponent into the deepest part of the ocean. He also have an imaginary friend called Ron Artest, sometimes he believes Ron Artest doing all the nasty things making him an innocent . Sometime he always get confused if he's a fish or a man, making himself out of his mind in most cases.

Martian Manhunter

  They have an extra seat so they give it to the guy... 

The Avengers 

 (also known as-  The Heat)


  After getting his missing robotics part called 'The Ring', he can now withstand any difficult mission except the clutch time. He's body boosted with machine that no known man ever penetrate except himself. He has a lot of weapon including making invisible in 4th quarter and invulnerable with critics. 

Captain America

  During the first Mavs and Heat WW1, he defeated the enemy with his leadership and with a great help  from The Shaq. Then again after union of mighty superHero with The Hulk and The Ironman they once again battle with Mavs in WW2, unfortunately they lost because of Ironman lacking of confidence to use his full machine power. Now after the success of revolutionized plan of their strategist Coach Spo, they finally won the War against the young Thunders.

The  Hulk

  He always been thought as a Dinosaur because of his Dino face but not until he completely evolved into a Hulk. Without the Hulk, he's just a soft skinny fellow who always flop down even with pt.guards bust, but in a certain circumstances he unleashed The Hulk, he can completely ravage anyone including the enemy's mascot.


  He was part of other SuperHero group called The X-Men but after having a rift with Wolverine, he decided to move to The Avengers. With The Avengers, he assigned to do the long shots and sniper attack, now having him in the team, he will give their Enemy a big pain in the ass. Ironman is happy to have him because he don't need to hide in the 4th.

Mighty Thor

  He once the Mighty Thor before getting a serious injury due to of carrying of his Heavy Mjolnir Hammer. He's most of the time staying in the other world to recover from injury but in time when The Avengers  needs his power, he surely come down to Earth to help them like he did in last Heat vs Thunder War. Mighty Thor has a twin brother Shawn Battier who also sometime appear in battle.

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  1. Cool... Mike miller looks good as thor...



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