Dwight Howard Thank You Letter To Orlando Fans

I'm not sure if Orlando Fans will bite this Thank You AD. For what we know even as early as last two years he already announced he want to get out from Magic and demands to trade. He done a lot of demands  and threats that if Orlando Management want him to stay they should give what we wants a spoiled brat. 

After they failed from taking the 2012 conference Finals they quickly kicked out their big players including Lewis and Carter. As for his demands, he want to have new good players, then so the Magic decided to garbage  Vince Carter, Michael Pietrus, Rashard Lewis and Marcin Gortat and get they thought their awesome players. After the trade the Orlando became more sillier than they can't imagine, ironically the players they removed became more productive  like Pietrus , Carter and Gortat who done a good job in their new team. So its a terrible decision by the Management just to grant the childish request of their big guy. 

During the 2012 season, D12 was still not satisfied and he demanded another request but this time its not about the players. He want to fire his Coach Stan Van Gundy. A lot of news about their grudge and still the spoiled brat win it.

To cut this out, I don't like D12 and all his Drama. From winning the SlamDunk contest by winning a slam Lay Up with the Superman Costume and to his trying hard to be funny acting in YouTube and in TV. Now he's in Lakers I know he will get a lot of discipline from Kobe. Lakers fans know its Kobe's kingdom so this time I don't think he can do his Childish like what he did in Magic.

No Thanks to You D12

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