Weirdest Referee Technical Call so far in 2013

Officially we are listing some of the weirdest and bizarre call for 2013. NBA is just in the preseason game and guess what, we have the first list and as expected it will be on Miami Heat, the most hated and criticized team because of the Big 3 specially Lebron. The Heat tasted their first awkward call making Coach Spo and Lebron called for a Technical.

The Referee Called a Technical Foul on Lebron James because of being Too Awesome

Not sure if the referee Marat Kogut was hallucinating with the call, saying Lebron James was saying nasty , did he commit flop, or was it a  flagrant. He must be watching too much of 2012 Finals highlights and yet hasn't move on with the physical fouls.

And finally they give the foul to Gerald Henderson which makes the foul more weirder. Way to go Refs, more to come this regular season.

Some of The Weird Technical Foul

You can't Touch Your Elbow after making a Shot (maybe it's a disgrace to NBA)

You can't Laugh if a Ref hates how your laugh, Ref Joe Crawford Hates Tim Duncan so much

You can' say "WACK", specially if a Ref is in Bad Mood

Joey Crawfor again, calling a Technical Foul because of handing him the Ball

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