2013 Overpaid Players in the NBA

This article is open for argument, you are free to disagree and shout out your opinion but in the author's analysis and perception the rank has basis. How I come up with the ranks? simple, I just checked their 2013 Salary Contract and check their production. If the production is low as expected amount then he must be OVERPAID.. as simple as that.

#1 Kobe Bryant

Salary : 27.8Million

He's the highest salary in 2013 season so no doubt we are expecting from him high above. When the Lakers started the season they went in a big slump and one of the reason of that is Kobe's low production. He thrown a lot of bricks and had a lot of drama happened but fortunately before the All-Stars started the Lakers slowly getting some wins because Kobe had done a great job of leading his team. But then, his today's performance is not exempted from being the most OVERPAID player in 2013.

#2 Dirk Nowitzki

Salary : 20Million

The 2nd highest salary and ironically he's also the 2nd Overpaid player. Why? because he left his team just after few games in the season starts because of his injury. This makes his team went to a lot of trouble coping up his lost. In his return, a lot of his fans expecting they will return to winning marks again but didn't happen because he's still catching up from injury. So far, he's starting to get his game and leading his team for some wins, he also pledge not to shave his beard until they get 0.500 wins.

#3 Amar'e Stoudamire

Salary : 19.9Million

Just a few coins to get himself in the 2nd rank. Just like Dirk he's out for some games because of his injury and just trying to catch up with his team later. In his return, the Knicks didn't change anything, there's no dominance of their highest paid player in the court, there's no Explosive Amare like he used to in Phoenix. Because of this, he's automatically the 3rd OVERPAID player in 2013.

#4 Pau Gasol

Salary : 19 Million

 What can you expect he's not playing most of the time, if he do, he always play off the bench. That's no-brainer that you're wasting money to a guy just to you use him for bench warmer. Scalabrine seating at the bench can do much better than him.

#5 Dwight Howard

Salary : 19.5Million

 The Lakers were on losing streak because they're expecting too much for their greatest trade trophy in the last summer, they're expecting  to give more high power defense and massive offense. Unfortunately it's an EPIC FAIL though Howard done a bit good in his job, but too bad the fans are expecting from him more. One make him looks a failure is his fake injuries and all his drama,.. this make him an OVERPAID player.

#6 Chris Bosh

Salary : 17.54 Million

 He looks overpaid because he's just having the same as amount as Lebron James is having needed less to say,  if you're going to get that kind of price, you should also give the same amount like your co-player is giving. But Chris Bosh is Chris Bosh, he can't be like Lebron who is dominating the 2013 in all sides. The problem with Bosh is his inconsistency, you have to guess sometimes whether he gonna play good or worst. He's last game in All-Star was one of his outrageous worst game ever.

#7 Deron Williams

Salary : 17.7 Million

  D-Will deserves that kind of contract as prior of his last year performance but for this year, nahh!.. he failed to reach the expectation of his team. There's nothing much to see in the Nets so far, maybe before the playoff comes-in he will show some numbers like he did last playoffs.

#8 Andre Iguadala

Salary : 14.98 Million

  Iggy inconsistency and lack of leadership making him in the #8 list though he had some great games but to weigh his inconsistency is just too sad. Good thing the Denver are winning even without his big contribution. I've seen  some of his great games and I like he do things.. but he's salary is just too much as what I think of.

#9 Emeka Okafur

Salary : 13.49 Million

 Emeka can't do so much, he's a pure center but not in the level of Dwight Howard. Giving him with such a big contract will really make him be listed on Overpaid player.

#10 Kris Humpries

Salary : 12 Million

  Do I have to say more? for 12 Million you have a Power Forward who play like a bench-guard with no shootings. The Nets overpaid him just to keep him for their new team expecting he'll do better with his big contract. For the record he's the HATEST player in all sports.

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