Funny NBA Harlem Shake Edition

After Gangnam Style, the new Viral dance move is invading the whole world including the NBA. Check out the Funny Harlem Edition in NBA


Check out the BEST Harlem Shake so far in NBA:

#1 Miami Heat Harlem Shake

check out the Heat Viral Harlem Shake, getting almost 20Million Views in Youtube,.. maybe by the end of the year it will get rid PSY - Gangnam Style record

Starring :

  • Lebron James as The TopLess KING
  • Dwyane Wade as Kanye the Pedo Bear
  • Chris Bosh as Snoopp Dino (dogg) .. I think he's Yoshi
  • Ray Allen as the Phantom of Opera
  • Mario Chalmers as Super Mario - the boy love mushrooms
  • Shane Battier  as the Horse in astronaut
  • Norris Cole as the 80's HipHop
  • Udonis Haslem as the FireMan from Village People
  • Chris Andersen as the Gangster in a porn movie
  • Mike Miller as the Wrestler mask - mysterio
  • James Jones as the Scary Clown
  • Rashard Lewis as the Jabawakeez
  • Joel Anthony as one of the Masked Guys
  • Erik Spoelstra as ... maybe the camera man or the one choreographing them

..... and other guys

#2 Toronto Raptors Locker Room Harlem Shake 

The Raptors done so great and was the best Harlem Shake not until the Heat released their own edition. They are naturally funny with their costume and their dance is not bad as you think. Great job guys now go back to your practice and start winning.

#3 Dallas Mavericks Harlem Shake

This Edition is quite wrong.. yes they done it so bad. I feel shame with Vince Carter, he's a great dancer but he's doing all wrong. And the retro Style making them awful than no-shaving their beard. But not bad for a Mavs fan, for their fans this is the Best Harlem Shake.

#4 Stuff with The Orlando Magic

Stuff is on stuff.. would be great if they get some Players in the scene like maybe Baby Davis will carry Stuff while bouncing on the floor.

#5 Phoenix Suns Harlem Shake Edition ;

Will be great if the Gorilla dance like crazy,.. he looks like a regular Gorilla lost in the zoo.. not Bad though considering this one of the few team who started the Harlem Shake.

Pacers Vs Warriors Brawl in Harlem Shake Edition

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