NBA 2013 Most Underpaid Players

I made a list of Top-10 Player who are getting less or should I say underpaid with their contract in terms of his responsibility. The formula I used is just simple,.. their Salary compare to the quality of their stats and contribution in their team. If a player getting less it doesn't mean he's underpaid, he must also look at the quality and efficiency of his contribution to his team, whether his team getting too much from his expected output . To cut this out.. check out the  list

#10 Brandon Jennings
Salary : $3,179,493


Bucks will not go anywhere without their front man PG, Jennings. The 3yr PG is still just receiving 3Million knowing he's their main man. He deserves to get more as he one of the young player today who's gradually improving his game, at any time soon he'll be like in Westbrook or D.Rose level so better the Bucks need to do something to keep him.

#9 Tim Duncan
Salary : $9,638,554



Duncan sacrifice his high paycheck just to keep and give space to his 2 good buddies, Manuc and Parker. 9.6Million is not bad for his age but he's Tim Duncan.. he has proven a lot of things in the League specially now the Spurs are dominating the West.

#8 Lebron James

Salary : $17,545,000Stats:


 Not because he's getting 17++Million he won't be counted as underpaid? As one of the best player (Maybe The Greatest) for this season, he deserves more than that. Comparing his paycheck to Kobe and Dirk, he should be getting more than their level. Too bad, his salary is just equal to his team mate, Chris Bosh who's currently not doing magnificent in the team. 2014 his contract will expired, here he may go for more big deals or keep his salary to get more Championships.

#7 Kenneth Faried
Salary : $1,311,240



His presence is the X-Factor of the Denver's winning streak. On top of that, he has proven his greatness during the All Stars where he won the Rising Star MVP.

#6 J.R. Smith
Salary : $2,806,452



The Best candidate for 6th Man of the Year, this guy really blossom this year. Helping his team with or without Melo, his consistency and as the Knicks 2nd Man Offensive option he really deserves a better cash deal.

#5 Grevis Vasques
Salary : $1,191,240



Like J.R. Smith, he's one of the great candidate for the Most Improved Player. A Sophomore PG in Hornets, he has shown his team that he deserves a good playing time and maybe he can as for a raise compensation. 

#4 Jrue Holiday

 Salary : $2,674,852

Jrue Holidays has showing a lot penitential for the past 2years and he's improving a lot. The only part that's not improving significantly is his Salary. The fact that the Sixers are paying a big cash with their big guy Bynum, its a good idea to use that cash to keep their best guy. Jrue Holiday deserves a lot and they should pay him back.

#3 Stephen Curry
Salary : $3,958,742



Curry is certified a NBA Star after his big 54poitns performance but his Salary doesn't compensate his skills and talents. Anytime soon this young PG will blossom more like Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo further so, the Warriors should make a move to keep their Hot Shooting PG.

#2 Nate Robinson
Salary : $854,389



The PitBull of Chicago Bulls is one of the underpaid player for a starter player and with efficiency game

#1 Chandler Parson

Salary :$888,250

No doubt he's the most underpaid player today, by stats and his paychecks. As from the Seasons starts, Parsons shown the Rockets his worth and he's been successful so far with his consistency. Far from other people thinking, he's only getting 5x less from Lin's contract so for sure in the next season this guy will demand more because he deserves it.

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