TOP Nasty Posterized Dunk That Can Kill (R.I.P Dunk)

Since Dunking  on a Player like a deadman is becoming a fad,.. I have taken some of the famous Posterized Dunks for the past NBA history. My basis on ranking them is the impact and difficulty of the Dunk by the Dunker, like if Guard Dunk over a Center.. the impact will be higher.

#1 Dwyane Wade Dunk Over Anderson Varejao
 - Wade is the #1 because look out how far Varejao gone after the impact? knowing Wade is 7inches smaller than Varejao..imagine that!

#2 Scottie Pippen Dunk Over Patrick Ewing
- Why this is just on #2 despite it's Patrick Ewing got Posterized? well because there's an extra push from Scottie Pippen and the height difference is not that high.

#3 Lebron James Dunk Over Jason Terry
 - This Dunk made a big shot all over the media, on top of that  Jason Terry has been announced dead in his Wiki. The dunk got a high Impact like a jet hit on a big mountain.. Looking at the landing impact,  Terry looks like dead after that Lebron's came to check if Terry passed out his soul

#4 DeAndre Jordan Dunk Over Brandon Knight
Before Lebron done it, this was famous and thought will be a Dunk of The Year but now they have another candidate for the DOY. What makes this look good is how Brandon Knight drop a like a dead bird and D.Jordan hit the ring like it will explode.

#6 Shawn Kemp Dunk Over Alton Lister
If you love classic Basketball.. this must be your favorite. Shawn Kemp done a Nasty Dunk on Lister making look he's gonna pass his retirement and quit basketball

#7 Vince Carter Dunk Over Alonzo Mourning
Personally, this is my pick for the #1 but considering the other candidate this went to #7. Imagine Vince Carter posterized Alonzo Mourning.. with no Extra contact? ZO's did drop quite far disantance because of the impact. What makes this look good,?Vince Carter went back after the dunk like there's nothing happened... it's like.... "Ohh! it Zo again?.. ok I'm done."

#8 Dominique Wilkins Dunk Over Larry Bird

#9 JR Smith Dunk Over Gary Neal

#10 Javale McGee Dunk Over Jose Calderon

Special Mention..

Funny Shaq O'Neal Over Chris Dudley

The Dunk of Century or
The BEST Dunk Ever in The History Of Basketball


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