NBA Players Favorites NBA Player

After finding out that Kevin Durant's favorite player was Vince Carter,  I've wondered how about the other NBA players, who was their  idol before they became a star.

Here are the list so far :

Kevin Durant was Vince Carter

Michael Beasley was Vince Carter

Vince Carter was Julius Erving

MJ was Julius Erving???

Kobe was Magic Johnson but probably its MJ

Lebron was Penny Hardaway but probably its MJ

D.Wade was MJ

J.Noah was KG

Chris Bosh was Kevin Garnett

Gilbert Arenas was Penny Hardaway

Chris Paul was Isiah Thomas

Melo was Bernard King

Scolas was Larry Bird

David west was Duncan

Brrook Lopez was Duncan

Devin ebanks was John Starks

Howards was W.Chamberlain

Luol deng was Grant hill

Monta Ellis was Kobe

...... that's all for now

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