Dwyane Wade Funny Photos

Why Wade is the most athletic player in NBA, 
he can touch two guys nipple at the same time... in mid air..

oohhh!... I have to pee...!

Kobe : Say wanna join me next season? we will have big 3 
Wade : hmmm... I'll ask Lebron about it

Crazy shot... !

The Professor or The Preacher?

Is he trying to imitate Michael Jackson or Joker?

Hey Bro.. they say you look like a geek, wanna join our science club?

Is this gay enough bro?

Ohh... this ball looks will fit into your ass...

Hey mam... stop taking photo on me..

The Big 2 and the other big

Bosh : We looks like were friends here..
Lebron : shut up just pretend we know you

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