Steve Nash Funny Photos

Yes I got my new cap,.. next I'll go to Mavs to get another cap 

I told them don't make me angry because the blood consumes me

Wahhhh...please maam.. give me back my toy.. 
promise I won't play it inside the school

who's drunk...? I'm not drunk Dad... Dirk..daddy..dirk..

The Losers

I can't feel my tits... I think I'm drunk...maybe

Is that you Dirk wearing the clown... 
I told you we both gonna play the Elvis... 

My first Kobe Bryant MVP trophy

Steve Nash Office

Oh yeah.. are we cool dohh!

Yah its ok pal... let me scratch your back 

come here you girl.. don't run away from me

Balls.. I love balls

where am I? who's Nash?

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