Jason Kidd Funny Photos

Melo : So Lebron told me.... Kidd will retire without a ring

I got all the NBA caps except Miami

Kidd is part of the Brokeback Cowboys in Mavs

Hey Harris, is it sucks playing that jersey? 
I know I've been in your position before

ohh shit I've seen on TV... they will know I'm still alive

come on daddy.. I'm scared in the dark.. 
can you come with me

Kidd : sorry this ball is mine.. byebye
Charmers : no that's ball give me back my ballss.. huhuhu

The greatest guards Face Off

Ohhh.. I love farting while everybody's enjoying 

Coach : how can you say I'm foul? I'm outside coaching..
Kidd : yahh right.. but still I'm right that your foul

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