Yao Ming Funny Photos

Here eat this, its came from 
Cat Testicles it will make you looks genius

Pau : (dancing) I dunk over yao.. I dunk over yao...

This Ball is for all my Chinese people..

OHHhhh.. yeah who's idiot now... taste my bullet from China

give me my lollipop you big damn bastard..
hey girls.. help me to kill this guy

Yao : ohh shit... this guy is serious.. I think he'll block me
Boykins : grrrrr... raf.. rafff..!

Boykins: Just wait when I grow up.. 

Boykins : This is fake I should be 1 inch tall.. atleast

I feel I'm walking along with my Dog...

where did the guy go? is no one defending me?

stopping me is like breaking the Great Wall of China

Van Gundy: I told you sit down... sit down ... why can't you learn any trick
Yao : grrrrr.. raff.. rafff...

My trainer told me... Running backward will help me run forward faster....
 I don't get it..

Yao : I wanna go home.. bring me back to China.. wahhhwahhh!!
Scola : Calm down.. stop crying.. 
you'll going back to China soon.. don't let the American hear you

Yao : I feel there's a shaddow in my back.. a huge one

Yao : dude I can see you in the camera... you can't hide that

Yao : I wanna go home.. I miss my pet Panda 

ouch... that real hurts.. Gundy is giving a real painful  disciplinary action 

No... I'm talking English now.. I'm not talking chinese... do you understand??

How many Chinese population are there right now??? 
wait.. let me count starting from me..

your question is... if all Chinese pee together what will happen?

Oh wow.. thats a good one.. keep it going.. I love those licking 

you can get away but try to smell this...

Yes... will be all migrating to US!!!

Wedding Crasher real poster

Yao : I'll tell you a secret... its 15 inches...

wife : you told me its 15 inches?
Yao : hmmm.. yahhh.. I used a Chinese Ruler

Ohhh sorry.. I can't help it when I got the ball and banging someone

You think you know Kung-Fu? try and test my Kung-fu ... ohhyyyyeewww~!

Whoever got the ball will own China.. its a deal alright?

Yao twins brother face off.. who's the real Yao?


  1. he entrado aqui solo por Cuanto Cabron xD

  2. ahhhh .. this a nice pictures,,,...



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