Yao Ming Funny Moments Photos

All hail to the new Emperor Yao...  world will all be mine

Artest : See this guy.. he's laughing even I'm not saying anything funny.. 
he thinks I'm joking.. I wonder if he understand me....

Artest : I made you a cookie.. but I ate it
Yao : you.. bastard...

Yao : that's my ball it belongs to China

lesson learned you can't dunk over a 7'11 and a Chinese guy

Mami-miya.. there's giant post over me

I ate another Panda.. I'm so bad

Bradly :  who's the center in Houston that I need to guard? is this 7'6 guy?

This is made in China so its belong to China...

Yao : I said its Yao Ming... you never learn..
Davis: Sorry "Yawn Me".. it won't happen again..

Yao : Help me Doc I can't feel my legs.. 
Doc : Ohhh.. that one is my leg...

Don't look at me I'm too shy.. I wan't my mommy

Help me.. this guys want to rape me...

Ohh shit... its the 3 inches Jump dunk... go away for your safety

Doc : Ok yao this will improve your sex activity...

It takes two upside down to block Yao

Miller : come on man.. close your eyes when I kiss you

Somebody stop me.. my feet won't stop..

Yao Hancock...

No I'm not crying.. I'm smiling.. maybe I'm crying too

Oh where's my Kitty!!!... the mafia killed  my kitty..

Scola : Ohhh shit.. I wish we have 7'6 center who can score

Odum : hey man.. I hit you in the head not in the Knee.. stop acting..

Yao : Thanks Mr. Jackie Chan.. you're my favourite actor..
Jet Lee : I'm Jet lee you bastard..

Yao : no one can reach my hands... even you add all the people in Spain

Yao : Ohhh shit... you've taken my first kiss.. 
that's supposed to be for my fiancee

Stop harrasing me.. I can't carry  it

This shit is keep on rubbing his bones on my legs.. totally gay

Yao : Its over now.. See how I will use my Kung fu to finish you off... ohhhyaahhh!!!
Battler : ooohhh shit.. I'm doom

Yao : I didn't notice I have a big hands... Its amazing

the 11+1 guys in Houston Rocket

Yao : ohh Mr.Magic Johnson .. I love your game and your time in Lakers..
Jordan : are you kidding me?

Mutumbo : ok one more.. one more.. I'll kiss you and you kiss me alright?
Yao : Ok just one more.. and its over

Yao : I hate this dance... why we have to dance after winning?

Wow.. 3 inches jump with a dunk.. best dunk in NBA

All you guys are not enough ... even you add the bench guys

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