Kevin Garnett Funny Photos

Help me to get it off this shirt.. it consumes me... grahhhh!!!

damn it.. I hate sitting with this two Miami boys..

We are gather to pray for the soul of our beloved fellow.. me he Rest In Peace!

Hey guard we are the Big-3 see our jersey.. please let us come in

Yahh... I use the gun in the car and shot his head off.. just like that..

Mr Potato head

grrrrrrrr.... I'll kill you.. I promise I'm going to kill you... grrrr...

you want to try my kung fu I learned from my master Bruce Lee..

Hey Spaniard boy.. talk damn english..
or else I'll turn you into a Spaniard Nigga

I'm the Alien version of Garnett.. your earth belongs to mine

I feel the blood rattling inside and want to deliberate my body.. 
I'm turning into a werewolf in this full moon

hey Garnett baby... look into my eyes please..
 don't turn your back on me

ohh shit... I feel I'm gonna faint..
 I bump my head too much and this is harder than I thought...

its me and you again wall... you're  my own worst enemy 

This is made of steel... come and touch it

Hey Mr. Jack Nicholson can I have an authograph!!!


Don't run you bastard.. I'll put this ball to your ass!!!

See kids.. I turned Allen and Garnett into puppet.. 
so behave now..

So I told Lebron.. next time do like what I did..
call Bosh and Wade and build your own Big-3

we are here to invade Gummi Bears Forest... 
your gummi potion is ours... 

Kobe : hey budy.. are you alright..? you look unpleasant..
Garnett : stop touching my behind you homo...

Pierce : hey may I join your talk, I like bitch talk?

Hey bro.. come to Boston and lets build a big-4
,.. promise you, you will get your ring..

Garnet : ohhh.. I didn't know you're good at massage...
Powe : stop it.. I'm blushing..

Stop licking my ears.. I can't carry it on

this ball is you.. I took your head and dump your body

Marbury help me to retaliate to Shaq.. he beat me again.. huhuhu! 

Garnett: meow...meow!!! 
Bosh : ohh shit.. I thought it was only a cat

Referee: Hey partner , have you seen Kevin Garnett?
Garnet : I'm here ref.. are you blind..?
 no wonder you don't see all the fouls

My hands are shrinking!!!

hey ladies.. meet my new friend.. he's just came here in our club..

Pierce : This what I learned from the Master Jedi.. 
   let me show it to you the Force!!...

You can't escape you Grizzly Bear... you are my food now

ohhhhh... I think this ball has my brain inside

I've seen your thing in the shower room... it's like this...

ohh its that a joke huh? you think that's funny? 
   don't laugh at me you.... I have my gun here

I forgot my underwear... huhuhu...

Garnet: This is what I called two fingers blind technique...
Rondo : you can't do that.. I have a technique against that

Hey guys.. want a piece of my tits?

heyy.. I just want to hug you.. don't punch me..

men.. I've been doing this the whole day and I can't blow a whistle..

Hey referee you wanna learn how to fly? let me throw you to those guys

Spartans! prepare for you Glory!!!

hmmm.. I wonder why am I not playing and thinking am I not playing..

I think I have to get out from this miserable team...

hey Pierce.. its time for you to get skin head... don't run though

This what I learned from the Matrix ... 

Hey pal.. don't get angry at me because I hug the balls..
 just pretend we're friends

no... you can't take me and play to Miami!!!

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