John Wall Funny Photos

ohhh.. this is my new dance move.. it's called 'clap if your are happy'

sorry coach I can't teach you the wall dance...

come I'll show you where I threw that dead body

let it out sistah... let it out...!!!! ohhyeeehhhh!!!

I'm the wolverine... grahhhhh!!!

gwahahahaha..!  my balloon fart booby trap works... !!

Lincoln doing the wall dance...

throw me the hotdog... I'll catch with my mouth

 I'm the real Superman.. the other faker won the dunk

 ohhh... I didn't know this jersey is tastey.. I might finish the whole of it

you can't hit me.. nyanyanya... you can never hit me

I'll show you the camel shadow animation



 AFTER and Before.... whatever...

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