Dream Team Funny Photos

are you the waiter here? where's I'd ordered steak and additional beer?

I'll taking this to the goal.. wait this is not soccer? isn't it?

wade: you folks doesn't look pump up.. wanna hear a joke?

Kobe : he told me he's gonna his ring and out numbered mine..
Lebron : just laugh as hard as you can now.. 
            I'll take last laugh soon... let's see...

ohhh I see they all Lakers fan here.. and they hate you Lebron..

so we will make a star out of our legs.. and someone will dance in the middle

MJ : do I look the liberty? 
Drexler : you look wonder woman I think

I come in peace people..I'm not a terrorist ..

Wade: so Bosh told me.. hey can I join you in Miami with Lebron?
           I said sorry we want Melo instead.. unless you cut your dreadlocks hair..

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