Charles Barkley Funny Photos

you know I have a big crush on you since I was a dude

what was your answer? sorry you didn't make on time.. die die die...

Pancake head Barkley

wait, let me count  my money I'm earning at this moment

Where's my doughnuts... why why I can't have one!

No!!!  I swear I don't  wear panties...

These are the days when NBA got locked out... 

Wait I'm Charles Barkley, I'm a NBA star.. you can't imprison me.

he's right...

Let me guess.. you'll be retiring soon like me right?

MJ: Hey Charles...  let me hold your hands when we both going to the shower room
Charles : awww... you don't to have to asked 

Fish!!! Fish!!! I think its a whale...

Hey Mr.Referee.. yes I'm calling you.. you want me to use your other whistle?

No you miss heard me.. I didn't say black giraffe

So you want to pee in my crib..? 

The Goldilocks big bears... starring mister dwarfee as Charles

NBA Lockout 

Hi Kobe... thanks for outstanding night... by the way you left your jersey in my closet

this off season so sucks.. I'm just seating here looking at my d@### the whole day

did you say I'm fat and looks like a Winnie The Poohhh??? f#ck y@~! 

SCREAM The Original Movie  poster

yes I'd used this fingers in my ass and I'll lick it all the way

hey old me.. you look handsome.. I feel I'm gay

the battle of the Thumps....

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