Grant Hill Funny Photos

hi I'm Grant Hill.. do you have any job openings? I can work for food 

Hill : hello bros ... enjoy your picnic 
Warriors :  ohhh.. bye Grant Hill!!

Kobe : I have a secret for you... I keeping this for a long time
Hill :   its OK pal.. you can tell me any of your secret..
Kobe : I have a big crush on you (blushing)

Hey I can't carry the two of you in mid-air...

this is Bruce Lee side kick  style... wattttahhhhh! 

Hill : hey its that our score ? 
Nash : yah.. I think we gonna lose and 
    coach will be seriously  mad to kill us 

ohhh bird shit is coming.. watch out!!!

I'm not a ball hogger

Hill teaching kids to be sexually active...

owww... can you get out our from my house? 
  me and my  wife are busy with something serious.. 
  you know what I mean.. right?

see boy.. tell your daddy I can do this job and can work for food...

can't believe I'm actually reading this kind of stuff..

hmmmm... why we all here doing the commotion 
 while the time is still all running? 

I got monster under my bed....

hollllyyyyy shiiiittttt!!!! is that me on wide screen?

Hey Raja good bye and good luck to Utah...

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