Rajon Rondo Funny Photos

WTF! ... I think I've stepped on a poo.. yuck!!!

ohhh... didn't get how my fist fit in with mr.piece ass..

There's a dead cat in the floor.. someone please pick it up

Garnett : let me give you warm kiss.. you darn boy
Rondo : ohhhh... mr.Garnett you making me excited... 

You kid.. stop saying I'm a gay.. one more word from you 
and I'll kiss you deliberately

Hey guys.. you know what is this? it means finish that guy 

Referee: come on you big boy.. stop crying.. I'll buy you a balloon later..
Garnett : how about me? I almost cried but  didn't ...

Bye guys I'm gonna take my jersey home...
because you won't let me play ... damn you all

ohhhhh.. why am I suddenly floating in the air???

Jim Earthworm hated guy...

Its time for Hulk potion with Gammi Bears power

whhhyyyyyy... why you all always playing fun of me?? 
I hate you all big 3 idiots huhuhu!

hey I thought you're gonna pass me the ball and I do the dunk

Pierce : hey kid.. its time for you to learn the secret of a man's pleasure
Rondo : where we going? are we gonna have a beer and watch football?

ohhh you such a naughty boy.. what's that smack from behind for? 

wait the camera man said pose with your best looks,
 this is for the cover of magazine


hey Pierce... there's a lady in the audience saying that
  she's pregnant both of us will be the dad.. Amazing!!!

Try this Atlanta Hawk Special Aerial Suplex...!!!

I'm the new virgin kid from Boston... you don't believe me do you?



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