Erik Spoesltra Funny Photos

Just pretend we don't see each other crossing our path...

Lebron : Ohhh I got your wallet... sorry pal no hard feelings

I'll lost my job... please guys help me

ohh stop the music.. my body is dancing on its own

I'm hiding here so I can escape easily when we lose

I'm here coach.. you're not looking at me..

Hey guys! you can play as long as you want...
I'll bench Lebron today..

I'll walk here so you won't bump me again...

Shout it loud.. Save Spo's Job

Damn it... its harder to waste here than I thought 

Referee: you know I like Asian guy with a tie...
Erik : Sorry Ref,.. I'm married

Riley : whoever you are I'll handover you the coaching job
Erik : But Sir I'm just new and don't have an idea what to do?
Riley : doesn't matter.. just pretend you know what you're doing.. 

Sometimes I walk alone and cry alone..

those bastards seriously celebrating because I'm gonna lost my job 

What???? Jason William will not come today? 
that idiot should not be looting around

Dancing like a Backstreet boys.. 'Tell me why... Ain't nothing a.... '

This Big 3 is harder than I thought... I should start with small ..

Ok Guys.. smile so your fans will think that  you all like your coach

Can I just coach you alone without the 2 guys?

This is supposed to be my fans day but no one even come ..

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